Ancient Shades of Sunrise

Over a thousand years have passed since the Gettin.

It was the end of the world brought on by zealotry and evil kings. Men like Neran and Cligul Kasar who, hundreds of years apart, perpetrated such acts of malice and revulsion that one’s reign was destroyed by fire while he sang, the other was judged by the Kazeus—a legendary being with power over rulers. “Eat you brutally” is a whispered curse among common folk who toil under a harsh lord. It is known that at least twice this figure has come to and judged unworthy kings.

Legend has it that more than three quarters of the population died or disappeared in the sky fires and lights. The Gettin spared not even the fantastical land of Connaple, court of the fabled Emperor Karl the Great, said to have united the entire world in peace and enlightenment. It was said that the Emperor himself, his knights, and all his court disappeared in a brillant flash of light, leaving behind an empty city.

In the aftermath of the Gettin, all things fought to survive against the elements and the raw power of the cosmos unleashed. In the many dark years that followed, change fought against hope, with ambient power giving rise to those able to manipulate it. Others absorbed it and gave birth to creatures spoken of in only the darkest legends. Dragons. Goblins. Elves. Orcs. Dwarves. Snake people. Creatures capable of great cruelty, cunning, destruction, beauty, and craft.

Mankind has pulled itself up from its bootstraps and general barbarity, emerging from tribal killers and hunters to city states and kingdoms. Much of the ancient knowledge was lost in those hellish times, though slowly it has been rediscovered. With the infusion of Power, this knowledge has been slowly rediscovered and even improved upon.

It is this new world in which you have been born.

Ancient Shades of Sunrise

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