The Aelfin people are creatures of myth and legend. Typically they possess a reverance for nature and life – particularly their own – as well as sense of practical humor. They don’t form attachments easily, but are fiercely protective of anything they consider theirs. While an Aelfin may not mind one bit if someone stole his horse while he slept, an animal he’s had for barely a week, he might fly into a murderous frenzy of vengeance if someone so much as touches the longbow he created himself over the course of a dozen seasons, used to slay a dangerous foe, and has been his constant companion for years. This behavior extends to all things, territory, objects, animals, even people. A person who has formed a close attachment to an Aelfin can expect that the Aelfin will always come to his aid or avenge a wrongdoing to him.

This has given the Aelfin people a reputation for overreaction and being ruled by their emotions, as well as a penchant for enjoying flattery. Wise folks will either give them a wide berth or engage in extreme politeness, at least to start with.

Aelfin exhibit a much, much higher instance of Power use than any other race, though seldom do they seek to actually develop it. This has given them another reputation among the so-called lesser races…lazy. Aelfin tend to favor easy illusions and craft associated magic to any type of complex ritual. A tiny alteration to straighten a badly formed arrow, a quick apportation to levitate a tool from across the room, an illusionary coloration to blend into the background, etc.

The Aelfin race includes: Forest elves – archers and guardians of the wood. Wood sprites, frail and flittering, unreliable at best. Goblins, ugly yet industrious inventors. Hobgoblins from the near East, warlike and savagely militaristic.

Attributes Min Max
Agility 1D+2 5D
Coordination 1D+2 5D
Physique 1D 3D+1
Charisma 1D 5D
Intellect 1D 5D
Acumen 1D 5D
Power +1 2D
Default Advantages:

Trademark Specialization (R1) applied to player’s choice with GM approval, should be within the range of Aelfin type; Select one rank of advantage/special ability that fits the Aelfin type.

Default Disadvantages:

Learning Problems (R1) applied to all Power skills; Prejudice (R1) for reputation of unstable emotions

Base Speed: 10 meters

Standard 18 Attribute and 7 Skill dice distribution



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