Campaign Region

Welcome to Halmsted!

Located on the innermost shores of the North Sea, little has changed over the last thousand years, aside from the great upheaval that raised and flattened the land of the Dans and bridged the islands. This had the effect of cutting off the Valtuk Sea, turning it into a large inland sea – a thousand years of snowmelt have freshened the eastern water almost to the point of making it potable.

Halmsted is known as the safest of ports, for it is where Jarl Torvald the Steady holds court in the grand hall of Degerot. Built of wood and stone, the mead hall is at the top of a hill overlooking the harbor. It is surrounded by the longhouses of the Huskarls and their families, further out are the traders and warriors, then shops and visitors. It is arranged in concentric circles without a straight path to Degerot. A wooden palisade surrounds the town, with farmlands outlying.

Halmstad sits in a hill-strewn valley between tall mountains, the passes completely blocked from early fall to late spring. Fortunately, the dwarves of Uppland have mined out the Helpass, a long tunnel large enough for a giant to walk, if carefully.

To the south lie the plains and moors of the Dans. Saltwater marshes, fens, bogs, and of course the Dans themselves. They have allied themselves happily with the Orcs and Ogre tribes and the mean-spirited quickling Aelfin.

The Jarl


Campaign Region

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