Character Creation Rules

Character Creation Basics

The D6 Fantasy main rules, with the following options and changes:


A player receives 18 dice (18D) to distribute among their attributes. The character’s race determines the minimum and maximum number of dice for any given attribute, represented by a number followed by the letter D. Ancient Shades of Sunrise uses the following attributes:

Agility (large physical movements such as dodging, melee combat, etc)
Coordination (fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination)
Physique (raw physical power, lifting, damage bonuses)
Charisma (Interactions, persuasion, da social skillz)
Intellect (memory and ability to learn)
Acumen (mental quickness, creativity, attention to details)

The 7th Attribute, Power, requires twice as many starting dice (D) be spent to achieve each die (D) – Power represents how much raw ability the character has with manipulating the Power that infuses the world around him, ie. Magic.

So let’s take a look at Schmuckdrick the Mighty Sorcerer:

Agility 2D
Coordination 2D
Physique 2D
Charisma 2D
Intellect 4D
Acumen 2D
Power 2D

Great power, bit of a bookworm, but not exactly what we’d call a natural at anything else, which is fine, he’s all about the Power. Bert the Butcher on the other hand, knows nothing of magic…

Agility 4D
Coordination 2D
Physique 5D
Charisma 2D
Intellect 2D
Acumen 3D
Power 0D

He is strong as an ox, a natural warrior, and is pretty decent thinking on his feet.

Is one character inherently better than the other? Only if the player limits his or her imagination.


After Attributes, there are 7 skill dice to be assigned. There are no changes to the standard rules for how they are assigned, including Specializations, trading skill dice for Advantages or Abilities, gaining skill dice from Disadvantages, and so on.

All Advantages, Disadvantages, and Abilities are of course subject to approval by the GM.


Character Creation Rules

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