Dwarves are characterized both by size and by physical hardiness. They tend to be patient people, with a knack for creating sturdy, functional things. A dwarven home may not be the most ornately decorated dwelling, but it is likely to survive earthquakes, siege, flooding, even another Gettin intact.

True Dwarves of both sexes tend to be squat, hirsute, and heavily muscled. Offshoots include the Gnomes, humble, industrious workers in whatever work they do, but shy among other people – they are typically large-nosed, lightly built creatures with little body hair but capable of growing great shaggy heads and beards. Halflings, a proportional yet short people who enjoy farming and freedom and a great common sense.

Generally speaking, one finds dwarves in carved mountain homes, gnomes underground in cozy forest homes amongst the roots of large trees, and halflings in homes carved from the hills overlooking their farmland.

Other races tend to look upon them with either respect for their work ethic or contempt of their size.

Attributes Min Max
Agility 1D 5D
Coordination 1D 4D
Physique 1D 5D
Charisma 1D 4D
Intellect 1D 5D
Acumen 1D 5D
Power 0D 2D
Default Advantages

Size, small (R1) scale = 3; Endurance (R1) +3D stamina/physique rolls for taxing physical tasks; Hardiness (R1) +1 all Damage Resistance rolls

Default Disadvantages

Hindrance-Shorter Stride (R1) affecting running, jumping, swimming, & climbing movement; Hindrance-Skill deficient (R2) +2 difficulties with throwing and charm

Base speed 8 meters

Standard 18 Attribute and 7 Skill dice for distribution.



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