Rather than using hard cash and requiring characters to keep track of every coin, piece of artwork, gemstone, we have the Funds score, represented by a number of dice (D).

Funds represents pure buying power, including cash on hand, workmanship, economic factors, etc. Sometimes, you just don’t have enough to make the shopkeeper part with his last bag of chocolate chip cookies.

The starting Funds score for every character is 3D, with adjustments made depending on Intellect, Charisma, Trading skill, and/or Wealth Advantage.

Funds are rolled any time purchases are made however…

If the final difficulty of a purchase is equal to or less than the number of dice rolled, it is an automatic purchase.

If the final difficulty of a purchase is greater than the maximum die roll possible, then the purchase may still be made however, one die of Funds is permanently lost. This option may not be available for all purchases.

The Wild Die is not rolled for Funds.

Character Points and Fate points may be used in rolling Funds.

Example difficulties:
Meal at a common inn and tavern Very Easy (3)
Suit of Plate Mail Armor Difficult (20)
Warship Legendary (33)
Longsword Moderate (12)
Week’s worth of rations Easy (7)



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