Funds Free Difficulty
0D none
2D VE, E
3D VE, E
4D VE, E, M
5D VE, E, M, D

Compare your Funds score to the table above to determine what you can automatically afford. If you find something on any of the Gear tables that is beyond your Free Difficulty, you may put it down on your sheet and roll for it later. If the item you want is beyond your maximum possible roll, you may still obtain it by giving up 1D of your funds permanently.

Adventuring Gear
Item Price
Basket, woven VE (8 C)
Bell, small metal E (2 G)
Bedroll E (3 SP)
Blanket, flannel single E (2 SP)
Bowl, wooden soup VE (6 C)
Brazier, portable bronze M (5 G)
Bucket, wooden E (4 SP)
Candle, tallow taper; torch VE (1 C)
Chest, small wooden M (3 G)
Cloth, flannel, about 1 square meter VE (8 C)
Compass D (30 G)
Drum, handheld M (15 S)
Fishing hook and line VE (5 C)
Flute E (2 G)
Grappling hook E (8 S)
Hammer E (3 S)
Healer’s pack VE (16 C)
Holy symbol, silver unblessed M (10 G)
Ink in small glass vial M (3 G)
Incense (2 long sticks) E (8 S)
Lamp, pottery VE (8 C)
Lamp oil, medium flask VE (5 C)
Lockpicking tools VD (27 G)
Lute M ( 4 G)
Marbles, hard clay VE (8 C)
Makeup kit (5 uses) E (8 S)
Mirror, silver M (5 G)
Mirror, polished steel or bronze M (3 G)
Parchment, rice paper, or vellum E (8 S)
Pick, mining E (16 S)
Perfumed water in small glass vial E (10 S)
Pouch, large leather E (4 S)
Pouch, small flannel VE (6 C)
Pot, iron cooking E (16 S)
Quill VE (16 C)
Quiver E (8 S)
Room in an inn (average per day per person) M (1 S)
Room in an inn (common room bed) VE (1 C)
Rope, heavy (hemp, 15 meters) E (4 S)
Rope, light (silk, 15 meters) M (15 G)
Sack, rough cloth VE (6 C)
Scabbard E (8 S)
Sealing wax VE (16 C)
Shovel E (8 S)
Spoon or fork, brass dinner (each) VE (3 C)
Spikes, iron E (6 S)
Tent, two-person M (7 G)
Tinder box with flint and steel VE (8 C)
Vial with stopper, ceramic VE (2 C)
Vial with stopper, glass VE (7 C)
Waterskin E (7 S)
Whetstone VE (1 C)
Type Price
Belt VE (6 C)
Boots E (16 S)
Cloak, flannel E (7 S)
Dress E (5 S)
Hat E (3 S)
Jerkin E (5 S)
Robe E (8 S)
Sandals VE (7 C)
Shoes VE (16 C)
Skirt E (3 S)
Tunic E (5 S)
Food and Drink
Item Price
Ale (mug) VE (2 C)
Bread (loaf) VE (2 C)
Butter (small crock) VE (5 C)
Cheese (wheel) VE (7 C)
Cookies, sweet (a few) VE (4 C)
Eggs (a few) VE (1 C)
Feed (for animals) VE (5 C)
Fruit, fresh or dried (each or handful) VE (2 C)
Grains, flour (a few kilograms) E (8 S)
Gruel (bowl) VE (1 C)
Herbs, fresh or dried (bunch) VE (3 C)
Jam, jelly, preserves (small crock) VE (5 C)
Meat, fresh local (a few kilograms) VE (16 C)
Meat, smoked (a few kilograms) E (16 S)
Milk (a few liters) VE (8 C)
Nuts (handful) VE (8 C)
Pastry (each) VE (8 C)
Rations (day) VE (8 C)
Spices, rare (small pouch) E (8 S)
Stew (bowl) VE (5 C)
Vegetable (a few) VE ( 2 C)
Water (glass) VE (1 C)
Wine (glass) VE (8 C)

Note: All food and drink prices assume the items are commonly available for sale in the location.

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