The giants of the world are generally feared by the smaller races, for their size and infamous stupidity, as well as for the reminder of the barbaric times just after the Gettin that these beings represent.

True Giants, rare to begin with, favor no particular climate or region and may be found everywhere. They are proportional, huge beings who tend to wander for years before settling into a comfortable territory, one which they will defend to the death against any other Giant wishing to settle there.

Orcs, Ogres, and Trolls are found mostly in the northern lands. Trolls are a cold-weather people and often live side-by-side with the Northwight humans, generally accepted by their fellows. Orcs and Ogres are much less accepted by others. Orcs, because they clash frequently with dwarves of all kinds, a natural sort of instinct guiding this reciprocated animosity. Ogres simply because they are a brutish, violent people who never raised up out of the muck, considered by many to be the gods’ reminder of just how low a race can sink.

Minotaurs and Cyclops are most often found in the land of Aktaeon, where they enjoy a sort of second-class-celebrity status and employed mostly as manual labor, soldiers, and gladiators.

Attributes Min Max
Agility 1D 4D
Coordination 1D 4D
Physique 3D 6D
Charisma 1D 4D
Intellect 1D 4D
Acumen 1D 4D
Power 0D 2D
Default Advantages

Size-Larger (R1); choose 4 ranks of advantages fitting with type (one must be an additional rank of Size unless character is an Orc)

Default Disadvantages

Prejudice (R2) by reputation; Achilles Heel-Metabolic difference (R3) must consume twice as much food as a human

Base speed 10 meters

Standard 18 Attribute and 7 Skill dice distribution.



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