Humans comprise the standard stock of the world. Legends say that in the aftermath of the Gettin, some humans absorbed the ambient Power and were changed by it into reflections of their souls, begetting a number of creatures, including the Aelfin, Dwarves, and Giants.

There is no single language united the human race, nor is there a single culture or style. Ask a dozen humans from different regions their opinion on anything, and you’ll get at least two dozen answers.

Yet it is this diversity that bonds them, makes them willing to accept new ideas and work together.

Attributes Min Max
Agility 1D 5D
Coordination 1D 5D
Physique 1D 5D
Charisma 1D 5D
Intellect 1D 5D
Acumen 1D 5D
Power 0D 2D

Humans receive no default Advantages or Disadvantages.

Base speed is 10 meters

Standard 18 Attribute and 7 Skill dice distribution.



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