Races available for play

There are four main races in the world. Variations abound depending on region.


Humans have the least number of variations, with only cosmetic and cultural differences. From the deep south, across the Middle Sea, are humans with skin the color of heavy bark—while far to the north are men so pale they seem as ghosts.


The Aelfin people are quite varied. Elves in some places, Sidhe in others, Goblins, Hobgoblins to the east, Wood sprites, Brownies, etc.


Dwarven folks are your standard short, stockey, taciturn people. Variations include the forest dwelling gnomes, hill dwelling halflings, etc.


Most any humanoid that is larger than a human is considered a giant, whether it is an ogre, a troll, a giant, an orc, or even cyclops from Aktaeon.


Races available for play

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