The Power

Called many things by different people.

Magic, Prayer, Callings, Sendings, Geomancy, Pyromancy, Necromancy, Totem Shamanism, Spirit workings, at its source is the raw power of the Gettin—unleashed and wild for centuries, it has settled into the world itself.

There are as many ways to access and manipulate the Power as there are teachers.

The great wizard of southern Aktaeon, Vincent the Lion, once theorized that a student need only have enough faith in his ability to work the Power, and he could use any path to reach out and effect his will.

Most discount Vincent’s theories as those of a cracked mind, a loner without an outlet or hobby beyond philosophy and wizardry. It is well known that only some people have the family trait to work the Power, and then only in the way they are first taught, and only in keeping with the ancient lore.

There are few limitations on what the Power can accomplish, aside from the skill of the wielder. With the right trappings, time, and people, it is possible to raise mountains or flatten them.


The Power

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