Drocto Demonborn


Standing a full 7 and a half feet tall, the large Orc wields a curved single-edged sword. His green tinged skin and shorn, dark hair are typical of his race and region of birth. The heavy, curved and razor-tipped horns are not. Neither are the grey, leathery wings folded across his back.

Unable to wear a backpack, his belongings are carried in the two hard leather cases at his belt. The small shield he uses straps easily to his chest to allow smooth flight. His clothing and armor, stuffed for colder weather, is of heavy matted linen, cut in the style of the Wild’s Edge border peoples.


Second cousin to King Targus Murees himself, the orc was born near the border of the Wild’s Edge, and like many that close, bore the marks of the Wild.

In his case, Drocto Demonborn was born cursed with the blessing of flight. Across his overly broad back sprout leathery wings. The faint childhood scars he bears attest to the early attempts at flying.

His curse? The image he presents is the same as that on many ancient ruins and frescos…a horned, winged brute.

His flying ability served him well during the campaigns his cousin waged to carve out the Kingdom – the High Ground was Drocto’s to view.

His inability to fight or carry heavy loads while flying limits him greatly.

Lately he has felt an intense pull towards the Northwest, and has flown a great distance into the cold lands of the Northwight. Something calls to him from there, is it destiny…is it fate…is it something with great power?

He will find out.

Drocto Demonborn

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