Valkari Torvaldsdotter

Warrior Princess


This tenacious young woman makes you think of a relentless hunting dog. She has sparkling, clear cerulean eyes; windows to the afternoon sky. Her tangerine-colored hair is worn in a complex series of small braids reminiscent of a lion’s mane down to her waist. She is of medium height with an athletic build and ivory skin. She has a high forehead, arched eyebrows, a crooked nose, and prominent cheekbones. Her wardrobe is utilitarian; limited only to whatever is vital and necessary.

She carries a morning star and shield as her primary weaponry with a bow and quiver of 20 arrows at her back.


14yr old daughter of Jarl Torvald the Steady. Older brothers, Osric the Pain, undefeated warrior, and Tarek Oddenstrike, viking. Younger brother, Jurgen Torlvadsson, runecaster, who is the most important person in her life.

Valkari is vying to become the next qualified Jarl for her people. From a very young age, she spoke out against corruptness and abuses in authority. Adept with most weaponry, she attempts to rival Osric’s experience; learning from his actions, both decisive and contrary. She’s aimed at perfecting the art of combat.

She’s known as a very loyal, stoic companion. She suffers from Lockiophobia from watching her mother struggle and die while giving birth to Jurgen.

Valkari Torvaldsdotter

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